Told that he was allergic to sun particles, Maxwell Unger is forced to stay inside during the day with his guardian, Mrs. Crumlin. He loves the night, for he is a Night Seer, and it brings pleasant memories of his beloved grandmother, so he sneaks out often. On a moonlit night, he ventures forth toward a tree and sees an Owl. Eventually, he realizes that this may be one of the last of the Silver Owl species. From that point onward, he continues to visit the silver owl and his new friend, a spirited girl named Rose. He knows that if he is caught he will be in trouble, for silver owls are evil in the eyes of the High Echelon, and Rose seems to be eluding the government. When Max discovers that Mrs. Crumlin and the High Echelon are preparing him for a sinister job, he makes a daring escape, taking Rose and the Silver Owl with him. The two follow the words of "The Silver Prophecies" to find the Owl Keeper and hopefully destroy the evil High Echelon for good.